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Higdon Outdoors TV represents the vision of a team of waterfowl hunters, product developers and industry professionals whose goal is to get hunters everywhere fired up. The Higdon Outdoors Team chases waterfowl across North America and delivers some of the most exciting, adrenaline-pumping waterfowl hunting action ever seen on TV.

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HIGDON OUTDOORS TV - 806 - "Blondes and Spin Class"
Before you get too excited, the blonde was actually a leucistic mallard drake, and the spin class was Ira McCauley running a spinning wing decoy powered by an old bicycle. Perhaps you’re feeling a little misled, but we’re glad you’re here.  Before we go any further, we’re aware that a leucistic mallard drake isn’t considered “blonde”, but we all know which word gets more clicks.
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Higdon Outdoors TV - 805- "Storm Wigeon"
Most of us will never even see a storm wigeon, but we should all have our own unicorn to chase. Whether it’s a cinnamon teal, blonde mallard, mottled duck, or a Quill Lake goose, find something special to add to your bucket list. It may never end up on your wall, but it’s guaranteed to add a little excitement to your hunt.
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