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It can be done but we don’t really recommend it due to the cost of all the parts.

There can be a few different issues, here is the best way to troubleshoot:

1. Plug charger up to Bilge pump-If it ticks, and charger blinks red the Bilge is OK. If it does not, you need to replace bilge pump.

2. Unscrew bottom 4 screws of the base plate to expose battery box, open the battery box to see if there is any corrosion.

3. Disconnect the battery from the plugs and plug the battery directly up to the charger. The light should be solid red indicating it is charging. If it is green, the battery is A. Fully Charged or B. A defective Battery.

4. If the light was red on the charger, you can disconnect the timer and wiring harness. You then will plug your battery up directly to the wire leading out of the battery box and plug your A plug into the B plug. You should have continuous pumping from the bilge.

5. If you have constant power, please plug everything back up and try running the decoy. If it operates, you are good to go, if it does not the issue is within the wiring harness and timer.

Please fill out our refurbished sheet here and ship the decoy to us with ATTN: Refurb Department.

Your charger is plugged into the bilge pump, not the charging port on the baseplate.

If the duck decoy has a purple wing speculum, you need the Pre-2017 Magnum Mallard head. If it does not have the wing speculum you need the 2017 or newer head.

Please send a picture of your decoy, copy of the receipt and your address to

You have a bad or defective charger.

If the decoy is not more than a few years old, you will need the Alpha Heads.

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