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The Warthog is the world's best floating pump! The Warthog Pump is a light and portable unit, but moves 850 gallons of water per minute. The patented removable 5 gallon external fuel ring provides an industry leading run time of over 15 hours. This self-priming pump skims and settles to the lowest point as water recedes, relieving the need to reposition the unit while operating. The Warthog is constructed out of a tough high impact material and utilizes metal on metal pump components. Paired with a reliable 5hp Kohler motor, the Warthog is rugged, reliable, and ready! An economical and speedy alternative to other pumping methods, the Warthog is great for commercial or personal use around your home, farm, or business. Each Warthog includes 100' of high pressure hose, clamps, and quick connect coupler. UPS next day and UPS 2 day not available. Gear Case- The gear case in your warthog pump requires 1 litre (35 ounces) of full synthetic 30 weight oil (recommended) or 30 weight mineral oil.

Applications used:

  • Drain low spots in the spring, reach the edge of the field and beyond
  • Avoid getting stuck, and navigating around potholes and inefficient overlapping
  • Drain ditches and yardsites, avoid the muck
  • Irrigate pasture from far away water sources
  • Fill dugouts and water tanks including sprayer nurse tanks
  • Rice field irrigation management and cranberry harvesting
  • Remove groundwater seep and flooding while trenching and laying pipeline
  • Drain water from flooded ditches, yard sites, and low lying development areas. Keep working, not waiting!
  • Provide industrial process water from sources that would normally require trucking
  • The Warthog is compact and can be carried at all times
  • The Warthog can replace a truck or trailer mounted pump at a fraction of the cost
  • Quickly provide a supply of water to front lines from nearby water bodies
  • Create fire breaks
  • Fill pumper trucks when they can not get close to a water source
  • Manage water transfer between tailing reservoirs
  • Remove groundwater seepage and flooding quickly
  • Bypass and expose clogged drainage systems and culverts
  • Drain flooded and problem areas quickly
  • Pump out flooded basements quickly
  • In evacuation situations, leave pump running unattended in case of a flood, it can run dry, and it will self prime if and when floodwater arrives
  • Remove water from low areas before grass dies
  • Earn brownie points with all the neighbors by pumping their yards dry after a flood

Package Contents:

  • Floating pump/ with fuel line kit attached
  • External fuel tank
  • 100’ high pressure hose
  • Gear Oil
  • Motor Oil
  • 4 hose clamps
  • Male standard coupler
  • Female standard coupler
  • Owner’s manual


  • Large volume 51,480 U.S gallons/hour
  • Light and portable, so compact it can be transported in a car trunk
  • Economical and speedy operation, just set it and forget it.
  • Floats on water (skims) and settles to bottom or low spot as water recedes
  • Long life and very durable , a pig of a pump!
  • Metal gears ( oil bath in a enclosed gear case)Pumps 3200 liters (850 gallons) per minute, that’s 192,000 liters (51,000 gallons) per hour.
  • Weighs only 38kg (85 pounds), a one person job.
  • Set it up in minutes…. set it on the water, roll out the hose, pull the cord and walk away. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!
  • Highly fuel efficient design pumps more than 3 million liters (750,000 gallons) water in 15 hours using only 26 liters of fuel.
  • Pumps continuously for twelve to fifteen hours between refueling intervals with optional auxiliary floating fuel tank. 
Capacity Pump Engine
Total Dynamic Head 31/ft 9.45/meters Net Weight 85 lbs / 38.5 kgs Make KOHLER
5 ft 195,000 Litres/Hr.
51,480 U.S. Gal./Hr.
Height 20.5 inches / 520 mm Type High output OHV
10 ft 188,220 Litres/Hr.
49,680 U.S. Gal./Hr.
Diameter 30.5 inches / 775 m Lubrication Oil Splash
15 ft 128,220 Litres/Hr.
33,840 U.S. Gal./Hr.
Body Material Fiberglass RPM Variable to 3600
20 ft 95,460 Litres/Hr.
25,200 U.S. Gal./Hr.
Impeller Material High Strength Composite Emissions Meets or exceeds all US EPA PH2 & EC Stage II

Warranty Policy:

  • Warthog offers a 1-year warranty on all pump components. The components include hose(the hose is a standard pressurized hose, it is common to have pin holes in the hose once in use), clamps, couplers, gear box, propeller, floating frame, external fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pumps, and fuel filters.
  • No Warthog components are covered under warranty through negligence or misuse by the customer. This decision will be made by the customer service department.
  • All instructions must be followed by the customer when installing the pump components and putting in your gear oil and motor oil, if these instructions are not followed correctly, then that will void any warranty.
  • Kohler Co. warrants to the original retail consumer that each new engine will be free from manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship for the applicable coverage period as set forth below, beginning on date of purchase; provided the engine is operated and maintained in accordance with Kohler Co.’s instructions and manuals.
  • Failure to follow owners manual instructions for motor set up voids warranty.

5HP Kohler Motor 850gpm.  LTL pallet shipping only.

Additional Information:


Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm: Proposition 65

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