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A well-trained retriever is a source of joy at home and an asset in the field.

Dogs in general are a source of enjoyment and happiness in our lives. However, they aren’t born that way! As a pet owner, it is important to establish boundaries and train them how to be good citizens. This is important for pets in general, not just gun dogs.

“Place, climb, spot.” There are many names for the command that instructs your dog to go to a specific location and stay there. It is an important command for any dog to learn. As a veterinarian, we address all types of undesirable behaviors with this command. It redirects and focuses a dog on a task instead of allowing them to do as they wish. For gun dogs, it is a very helpful tool when it comes to the problem of breaking to the shot or at any point prior to commanding your dog to retrieve. Beyond that, it establishes some degree of forced control like other commands and processes that reinforce discipline. Think of swim by and force fetch. In my opinion, place is the most important command that we have in our toolbox when it comes to safety and good citizenship for our gundog in the field, at home and in public.

There’s nothing better than sharing a hunt with your dog. That’s a big part of why I started Momarsh and why we offer a variety of items that are built around the concept of place. The assortment includes products that are tweaked to offer additional concealment, comfort, or height adjustment. All of them provide a portable spot for your dog to go, regardless of where you are.

Here is one example of how this is beneficial. Commonly, we set up a field spread in the dark prior to sunrise, right? The first thing I do is set out my dog blind. My dog “Cash” will run right into her field house and I don’t need to worry about her safety or where she is, because I know that she is in her blind. She is safe and confident in her place, and she is trained to honor it. This frees me up to get ready for the hunt, and I don’t have to worry about my dog being underfoot, getting hurt, or getting lost in the dark.

A place can also offer your dog a safe, dry place to be in a shallow water or boat hunting scenario. A dog blind or platform that is elevated and dry is an absolute must-have.

Above: Brook and his dog Max at home. Max is comfortable and confident on his kennel cot, and he is safely in his place. This raised platform gives him a clear understanding of his boundary, and he is trained to honor it. He is safe, comfy, happy, and not underfoot.

Let’s do a quick rundown of Momarsh’s place items and where you can best utilize them.

Invisilab - Our first and flagship dog item. The invisible lab, along with the invisible chair, created a new category of items in the waterfowl world. There really wasn’t much around for aquatic mobility besides boat blinds and layout boats. The invisilab provided an adjustable and dry blind that provided concealment and protection from the elements for your dog all in one efficient and lightweight product. It is a place product with all of the bells and whistle’s for a waterfowl retriever. View Product.

Final stand - the final stand improved on the existing dog stand by providing a mesh floor that drained. It was lightweight. Superior adjustability stability made it a hit with waterfowlers right off the bat. We use it extensively in hunting situations, but it is also very helpful when placed training as the barrier to cheat is large. What I mean by this is that it’s easy for a dog to cheat if the place is only an inch or two off the ground. If you adjust the final stand so that they have to jump off, it makes cheating pretty black and white for them. So, I recommend using it with young dogs or dogs that are just learning the place command. Then, work your way down to shorter products after the command is thoroughly understood. View Product.

Home cot - A very plush, comfortable and stylish product in our line. It is easy to transport once you fold it in half and secure. The cover is removable and washable. One is not enough. Many people have one for Home, one for the office and one for duck camp! View Product.

Kennel cot - It was primarily designed for use in plastic crates. However, it can be used anywhere and is very easy to transport due to its extremely light weight. The mesh floor allows for fluids to drain through. Many people use them in the dog boxes on their pit blinds for additional comfort. The kennel cot is washable and inexpensive. View Product.

A "place" for every place.

 Where What Why
At Home Home Cot Lightweight, Breathable Mesh, Washable, Inexpensive
On the Road Kennel Cot Lightweight, Breathable Mesh, Washable, Inexpensive
In a Dry Field Field House Low Profile, Breathable Mesh, Zippered doors, Protects Your Dog From the Elements
In Shallow Water Invisilab Individually Adjustable Legs, Works in Up To 34 Inches of Water, Mesh Bottom
On the Boat or in the Timber Ramp Stand Boat Sidewall Height, Angle Adjustment, Adjustable Gunnel Clamps, Breathable Mesh
Training Anywhere Final Stand Individually Adjustable Legs, Mud Feet for Increased Stability, Breathable Mesh, Lightweight

Safe. Confident. Happy.

It is common to see a place-trained dog look uncertain and anxious as they wait for you to put down their spot. An anxious dog is far more likely to get underfoot, roam too far from its owner, chase or interact with other animals, or otherwise get into trouble. We place train our dogs not only for us, but ultimately, for them. A well trained dog is always safer and happier.

So, give them a place to go, wherever you go. Your dog will thank you for it.

Above: Brook and his dog Max speck hunting out of an Arkansas pit blind. Max is “place” trained, and won’t break or leave his kennel cot until he’s sent. This not only keeps him comfortable and off the cold metal floor, but it also keeps him safe when guns are leaning in the blind or being raised to shoot.


Ira McCauley, MOMARSH Founder

Dr. Ira MCCauley is a Veterinarian and outdoor enthusiast who has dedicated his life to helping animals. As founder of MOMARSH, he has developed a line of dog products that are safe and practical for all types of dogs.


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